Connectivity Solutions

As part of Communication Cabling, in addition to the standard CAT6, CAT6a and CAT7 UTP/FTP/STP solutions, we also offer industry specific copper and fibre cabling solutions. These include Supply and implementation of customer-specific customized Copper / Fibre Distributions Frames, Rack / Wall Mount Fibre Splice and Termination Panels (RM/WM-FSTP), Patch Cables and Media Converters etc. We also offer devices sustaining extreme weather conditions prevailing in the region.

These solutions are deployed by various utilities including Power Generation, Water/Oil/Gas Transportation and Energy Transmission companies in the Power Plants, High and Medium Voltage Substations, Pipelines as well as Manufacturing Industries for communication between various Panels e.g. Substation Automation Systems (SAS) for real time, enterprise wide information system to secure the right information at right time to enhance reliability and better asset operations and management.

Intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) being implemented in Electrical Panels today contain valuable information, both operational and non-operational, required by many user groups within the utility. IED devices incorporate one or more processors with the capability to receive or send data/control from or to an external source (e.g., electronic multifunction meters, digital relays, controllers) using Copper and Fibre cables incorporating various types of media converters.

  • Protection Fibre Cabling for Power Generation and Transmission
  • Telecom and SAS Fibre Cabling for Power Generation and Transmission
  • Premise Distribution System Cabling
  • PDS/ISP/OSP Cabling
  • Customized Solutions for Fibre Patch Cables and Indoor / Outdoor Distribution Cabinets (ODF/OFMR etc)
  • Various interconnecting accessories like E1/T1 Balun and PoE Patch Panels
  • Telecom Consoles for Control Room

We also offer comprehensive testing solutions for Copper and Fibre cable networks. Fibre testing includes various tests (Power Loss and Attenuation, OTDR, CD/PMD) at various wavelengths.

As part of Fibre Testing, we also offer Remote Fibre Test Systems from EXFO alongwith GIS Test Surveys and Integration services.