Professional Services

IT Infrastructure Management and Application Support Services
We partner with India’s leading ‘i-Source Infosystems Pvt Ltd’ for IT Infrastructure Management and Application Support Services. i-Source offers complete services in Designing, Planning, Implementing, Managing and Auditing in IT Infrastructure domain.

i-Source is experienced in providing Application support services and customizing support program to match Customer’s skill-set needs, and craft a response time guarantee that gives you peace of mind that your critical data infrastructure has the support your business requires.

Applications Development for Enterprise
We partner with ‘Experio Labs’ for development of various Customized Applications related to Hospitality and Healthcare, Customization of IP Phone Sets related to Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry.

Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Enterprise Communications and Network Infrastructure
We provide Professional Services for implementation as well as Maintenance of such projects for Medium and Large Enterprise.

Design and Testing of PDS/ISP/OSP Cabling Networks

Customer Trainings
We provide In-Kingdom and out-of-Kingdom trainings to Enterprise Customers on the Products and Solutions offered by us.