With a commitment to quality that reaches back well over a century, Hubbell continually develops innovative solutions that improve the performance and reliability of today’s enterprise networks while supporting the applications of tomorrow. Hubbell’s MISSION CRITICAL® 25 Year Warranty, third-party testing, standards leadership and pioneering patent position all demonstrate their dedication to developing the best-in-class products (Copper and Fibre) that the industry has come to expect from Hubbell.

  • NEXTSPEED® Ascent Category 6A System combines innovation and reliability to exceed both TIA and ISO component Specifications. High Performance Copper Connectivity designed to the latest networking applications (10GbE over UTP) supporting transmission performance beyond 500MHz.
  • OptiChannel: High Performance Fiber Solutions provide high bandwidth optical fiber systems for data center, campus or enterprise applications.
  • iSTATION: Voice, Data, and AV connections (Crestron®, Extron® and FSR compatible).
  • HI-IMPACT: Rugged components designed to extend the edge of the LAN into harsh environments.
  • Telecom Room Infrastructure (various types of Cable Raceways and Floor Boxes, etc).